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Contemporary Hybridity by Petah Coyne

In Sculpture Personalities, Sculpture Techniques on March 22, 2011 at 4:18 am

Sculpture in mixed media is one of the fast growing branches of the artform today. One particular individual who’s mastered a strong degree of hybrid media integration is Petah Coyne from America. Many of her recent works are a combination of assemblage and taxidermy techniques. She makes use of materials such as pearls, automotive parts, black sand, silk and ribbon lace to generate intricate landscape or scenery based sculptures that provoke attention. Her innovative use of wax also brings together a culmination of all her diverse media in a curious, but interesting way. Coyne draws inspiration from many cultural history aspects like literature, political agendas and filmstrips.

Coyne Sculpture
Sculpture by Petah Coyne – Photography by Libby Rosof from Philadelphia, USA

Coyne has been classified by critiques as someone who belongs to a generation of artists who forever changed the spectrum of sculpture through their wide attention to beauty, painstaking detail and psychological metaphor. Long after graduating from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the Kent State University, Coyne continues to pusue her love for beautiful contemporary art though her own techniques and philosophies. Currently Petah Coyne resides and practices sculpture at New York and New Jersery, U.S.A. She has had several groundbreaking exhibitions like 1998’s Fairy Tales at the Galerie Lelong and 2004’s Solo Show at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Her most recent show, entitled Everything That Rises Must Converge was a big hit at the Mass MoCA, North Adams.

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