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The Blackpool High Tide Organ

In Art Hotspots, Sculptures on April 22, 2011 at 11:52 am

Standing about 15 meters in height, the Blackpool High Tide Organ Sculpture along Blackpool’s New Promenade was the brainchild of artists Liam Curtin and John Gooding. Most of its raw material was found from steel and copper sheets. This interesting monument is not only a sight for any musicians eyes, but it is also a kinetic sculpture. It promotes a blending of art media by being an interactive piece that resonates through its eighteen pipes when the coastline is at high tide. The organ pipes are also connected to eight pipes attached to the sea wall. The ideal hours to experience this musical sculpture is about two hours before or after high tide.

Blackpool tide organ Sculpture
Photography by Matt Kitty from Lancashire

The sculptural monument was part of The Great Promenade Show series. It was often described by the community as something which was able to materialize the musical inclinations of the sea itself. It’s elongated structure also makes it a wonderful sight for tourists and visiting musicians.

The Blackpool High Tide Organ is one of the rare musically interactive sculptures that do not require much of man’s additional intervention. Other examples include the famous Aeolian Harp and the Wind Chime.

  1. This is incredible! I love your blog. I am a sculptor myself and also went to Cornell for architecture, so I really appreciate what you’re doing. I would love if you would check out my blog if and when you have time!

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