The Sculpture Collector

Fellow Artists and Artbloggers


Asian Art Circle – J.Kiong’s personal publication visiting the status of Asian art as per the different countries he visits as a curator.

Sculptor & Sculpture – A Personal look into the story of the creators behind the fine sculptures we see and experience today.

The Modern Sculpture Collector – TMSC is a hub for sculpture enthusiasts who follow the modernist trend of art that is rapidly growing in the global community.

The Sculpture Gallery or SG Blog – An updated article base of insightful and curious pieces about sculpture and the community of artists that surrounds it.

The Art Blog – A worldwide platform that discusses the highs, lows and personalities of the international art scene.

Artsculptor – The Artsculptor Blog is an all-around collection of art and sculpture-related articles that may interest even the most particular of art followers.

Artists that we currently follow:

Louise Bourgeois

Clement Meadmore

Kylo Chua

Peter Reginato

Dan Flavin

László Moholy-Nagy

Nicolas Schöffer

Frank Malina

David Smith

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