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Vučedol Culture and Their Sculptures

In Sculpture History, Sculptures on March 23, 2011 at 1:21 am

Some archaeologists have found many interesting ceramic artworks from ancient Vučedol culture. Many of these are are cut decoratively with specific geometric traits and blackish hues. More characteristics of ancient ceramic vases and sculptures are a high glow, skillful inlay of colors and symbolical orientation. The photograph below is one artifact that was found and salvaged. It’s the Vučedol dove and was the primary symbol of their culture at the time. The traditionally incrusted colors aren’t visible on this specific piece, however you can evidently see the geometric cutting patterns made by the craftsman.

Vučedol cultural sculpture
Vučedol cultural art could also give us a glimpse of how they lived long ago. The artwork mildly resembles some elements in their lifestyle, such as their half-buried mushroom-like housing system. They also chose to reside on hilltops with palisade walls. The sculpture of the dove reveals the shape of the hilltop where the head stands out overlooking the valley. It also gives a similar comparison to the way their houses looked. In time, Vučedol culture gave birth to the Bronze age Vinkovci culture that is now known for their usage of fibulas made of bronze. Every single race holds art and artifacts that we can trace back to significant hitorical findings, but it’s a pleasure to know where our past ancestors have gone in the search for artistic passions.