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Kylo Chua Miniaturizes a World of Golden Fairies and Brilliant Fireflies

In Sculpture Personalities, Sculpture Techniques, Sculptures on July 21, 2017 at 12:13 pm

Although already a household name within the art houses of Southeast Asia, Eusebio Ehron Kylo Chua– the young 28 year old gemologist-sculptor from the Philippines, has recently created a new realm of artistic fancy. His most recent stylistic evolution brings us into a miniature world of sculpture jewelry, shrinking down his characteristically angelic sculptures to just over two centimeters in height. These small, yet provokingly elegant pieces are cast in a fine gold material (18 karats as I’ve noted from his gallery).


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Kylo weaves a deepening scene of fantastical motifs and grandeur through his new art & jewelry platform. His novelty sculpting style retains its particular finesse, while many of his newer creative lines (such as the thumbeline sculpture gallery and modern jewelry collection) exemplify a heightened knowledge of both metallurgical and gemological prowess. The studio he founded in the Philippines, along with his dad Seb Chua and his late uncle Arch. Maximo Chan, has garnered a high respect for art-innovation in the country, especially among luxury enthusiasts. Many of Kylo’s jewelry items and golden sculptures are collected by several Philippine business families and certain celebrities. His modern, yet decorative style of expressing biological anatomies reflects upon a youthful, hyper-romanticized view of the stories we create as human beings and emotional thinkers.





The Artwalk: Philippines’ Hub for Modern and Traditional Sculpture

In Art Hotspots on February 8, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Located at the fourth floor of SM Megamall building A, is the premier gateway corridor to everything Fine Art in the Philippines. This historic, yet widely popular shopping area has been widely known as the center for exhibitions, auctions, and art talks in Metro Manila. Many of the galleries carry the bigget names in Philippine art, such as Malang, Joya, and Baldemor. Several galleries also house new and budding talent, especially in sculpture.

The Artasia Fine Art Gallery is one of the well known hotspots for sculpture and modern art. Founded by artists themselves, it is now being managed by contemporary sculptor Seb Chua, who has also won several recognitions in the national art scene. Joining him in the fulfillment of the gallery, are MX Chan, a first prize winner from the Art Association of the Philippines, and Seb’s son Kylo Chua, sole recipient of the very first LSAA award for sculpture in the history of the Ateneo de Manila University. This gallery houses its resident sculptors from both the local and international artist communities and was one of the pioneer galleries to host UNICEF’s successful ‘Art for Life’ sculpture project twice in a row.

Among some of the other fine art galleries include, Gallery Nine; a unique place that hosts a number of well-deserving sculptors and painters, Gallery Y; an experienced and very popular venue for painting exhibits by esteemed Philippine artists, and Galerie Anna which was recently opened with its inaguration exhibit featuring 138 of the country’s visual artists in 2009.