The Sculpture Collector

About SC

Kylo Chua's Luna Andromeda

Sculpture Collector is a platform made to cater to the new and old art collectors of modern sculptures. Ranging diversely from cast sculpture & carved sculpture to modern displays of light sculpture and kinetic sculpture, the blog shares insight and information about this fast growing media. We provide a new look into techniques, types, material and personalities of the sculpture community, and help you decide if you would like to venture into collecting this artform as well.

SC is a selective blog wherein we maintain a panel of curators to direct our outflow of articles and artist information. We do accept and encourage suggestions regarding feature pieces, but do not guarantee that they will be pressed with our blog. For the time being, our new mission is to educate the art community with knowledge about new and upcoming artists that are finding their way into the traditional circles of modern and post-modern sculpture.

  1. How can we contact you please? I would love to make a suggestion

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